Texas Presbyterian Foundation

GENERATIONAL GENEROSITY: Making the Greatest Impact for Good

How important is generosity to Millennials? How do Gen-Xers feel about giving? Our experts representing both generations will give you the real story about how to make the greatest impact for good!

It’s not a secret generosity is constantly changing. It’s no longer something that matters just to the parents or grandparents of our church members and donors. It’s important to everyone! So, how do we inspire generosity in all of these different audiences? This live Web event, led by legacy planning experts Stefanie Marsden (Gen-Xer) and Jake Wilson (Millennial), will address the challenges of generational generosity and discuss the best ways to inspire each of these different age groups.

Please join us on Tuesday, February 25, at 11 am CST/12 pm EST for “GENERATIONAL GENEROSITY: Making the Greatest Impact for Good” to engage in a meaningful conversation focused on :

  • Discuss current giving trends
  • Outline the different ways each generation embodies generosity
  • List key strategies for growing a generous spirit in each of the generations. 


You can register today to attend this exciting event and participate in a conversation focused on effectively inspiring generosity across generations!