THE WORD ON THE STREET: 2020 Overview and Investment Q&A

No one could have anticipated the events we experienced in 2020. From face masks to virtual business meetings, it’s difficult to comprehend the changes we deal with daily. However, what we can understand is exactly how all of these happenings impacted our financial markets. What did these events mean for your investments? How will they impact your organization in 2021? TPF and the experts at Segal Marco Advisors answer these questions and more during this informative and interactive Web event.

After completing this session, you will be able to:

  • Review key market highlights for 2020 and what they mean for your organization’s investments 
  • Outline the TPF asset allocation review process and discuss key changes 
  • Summarize our TPF portfolio analyzation process and describe how the TPF portfolio and investments are positioned moving into 2021

This is your chance to collaboratively review the impact of an unprecedented 2020 and prepare for what’s coming in 2021.

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