A Mid-Year Conversation on Investment Philosophy, Performance, & Perspective for 2021

As you know, 2021 has brought continual shifts to our financial markets thanks to a constantly changing global climate. But what does this mean exactly? How does it impact our investments? How are TPF’s managers positioning the portfolios for the road ahead? This webinar brings in the experts to answer these questions and more! This engaging conversation not only features TPF’s trusted partner, Segal Marco Advisors, but also the experts from Sands Capital Select Growth Strategy, and Barrow Hanley.

You can still view “THE WORD ON THE STREET, August 2021: A Mid-Year Conversation on Investment Philosophy, Performance, & Perspectiveand hear this educational conversation designed to help you maximize financial results in the coming years. After completing this session, you will be able to:

  • List the highs and lows of TPF fund performance for the past six months including favored asset classes and managers
  • Describe an overview of today’s markets from two of TPF’s long-term managers
  • Identify key obstacles facing institutional investors

This is your chance to get the real story from the experts themselves! CLICK HERE to register and view this exciting and informative event.