INTENTIONAL GRACE: A Simple Plan to Inspire Generosity

The First Event in TPF's Brand New Webinar Series

Even If You Missed the Live Event, You Can Still Register and View Our Webinar!
INTENTIONAL GRACE: A Simple Plan to Inspire Generosity
It’s true! If you missed the live event, you can now register and view the recorded version of our free webinar. If you’re interested in inspiring generosity, you’ll want to take a few minutes to hear TPF Relationship Managers Stefanie Marsden and Jake Wilson discuss the basics of designing a customized generosity plan.
You can view the webinar “Intentional Grace: A Simple Plan to Inspire Generosity”  at any time to learn best practices for:
1. Creating a viable generosity vision
2. Defining customized generosity strategies
3. Executing marketing tactics that don’t feel like marketing
4. Making the most of your best with celebrations
5. Ensuring future growth and success
This is your chance to clearly define, or redefine, your entire approach to generosity and legacy giving. Take a few minutes to focus on generosity today!