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Alternative Strategies Fund

Inception Date: January 4, 2006

The TPF Alternative Strategies Fund is appropriate as a part of a broadly-diversified long-term portfolio. There are some limitations on access and liquidity.

These “non-directional” strategies, typically “event-driven” (such as mergers, restructures and special situations) and “relative value” (such as market neutral and arbitrage) have a low correlation to traditional asset classes. In combination with traditional stocks and bonds, the TPF Alternative Strategies Fund is expected to lower total portfolio volatility (risk) and to preserve capital, especially in adverse markets. The Fund is benchmarked against 90-day U.S. Treasury Bills plus 5.0%.

Net Assets: $5.1 Million
As of September 30, 2015

Fund Management

The TPF Alternative Strategies Fund is managed by Arden Asset Management of New York.


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