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Fixed Income Fund

Inception Date: January 1, 1984

The TPF Fixed Income Fund is an actively managed diversified bond portfolio consisting principally of high quality, investment-grade corporate, mortgage, asset-backed and limited high yield securities. A small portion of the Fund assets may be invested, opportunistically, in high yield domestic bonds, and investment grade non-U.S. fixed income securities.

Over a full market cycle, the Fund seeks to produce a total rate of return, net of expenses, which exceeds the Barclays Aggregate Index and is ranked above the median performance level when compared to a universe of other comparable funds.

Net Assets: $251.1 Million
As of June 30, 2024

Fund Management

20% of the Fund is managed by Barrow Hanley Global Investors of Dallas, TX.

20% of the Fund is managed by BlackRock of New York City, NY.

20% of the Fund is managed by Loomis, Sayles & Company of Boston, MA.

20% of the Fund is managed by Western Asset of Pasadena, CA.


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