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So…what’s the big deal?


We have exciting news! TPF is pleased to announce the launch of our new logo. You’ll see the new logo anywhere we are, including partner meetings, conferences, our website, Facebook, and LinkedIn. In 2015, TPF celebrated 90 years of service dedicated to enabling and expanding mission. We believe this new logo not only embraces this storied history, but exemplifies who we want to be moving forward through our next 90 years.

We know that change is inevitable. We change. Our partners change. While our beliefs are a constant, how we communicate them to those we serve must evolve to ensure we are able to continue enabling and expanding mission. Our brand and what it means is important to us, and we hope that it continues to mean something special to you too.

So what exactly did we do? Well, you might notice that the new logo features a cross on top of a hill as the center of a tree. The centrality of the cross is intended to remind us that our calling is to serve others so that the mission of Christ may grow throughout the world. The leaves on the tree symbolize our deep rooted belief that we can accomplish more together than individually. And the tree in its entirety is a constant reminder of our dedication to our purpose—to enable and expand mission.

It is with a nod to the past and a hopeful look to the future, that we embrace this new identity as we continue our efforts to make an even bigger impact on the lives of those around us.