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Are you curious about what you can expect from the markets in the coming year? While we don't actually have a Magic 8-Ball, TPF's President & CEO, Rev. Rick Young, does provide guiding insight to help us anticipate what the coming year might bring. Click here for a first look!

It’s Not Just About Today! Focus on Tomorrow…

There can be no question. We are NOT speculators or prophets. But we do have a proven investment philosophy that can increase your ability to expand your impact on mission. How do we do it? Click here to find out how...

Happy Birthday TPF Balanced Fund!

The TPF Balanced Fund just had a birthday, and it's time to celebrate 20 years of allocation diversity, growth, and stewardship! What makes the fund so special? And more importantly, how can this celebrated investment tool help YOU?

We Care About You AND Doing the Right Thing

Sustainable. Responsible. These are words that we actively associate with environmental conservation and social programs. But if you don’t already, you should also consider the importance of their application to investments.