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Big News: TPF’s Legacy Builder is Here for You!

Legacy giving is especially important in the tumultuous environment of today. And TPF's new Legacy Builder website exists to help churches and nonprofits build lasting legacy planning programs. Check out this blog post from The Rev. Dr. Rick Young to find out how you can learn more!

TPF Legacy Builder: It’s Time to Build a Legacy Giving Program that Lasts!

It's not a secret that well-executed legacy giving program is important to your fundraising strategy. But why exactly is it important to build a legacy giving program that lasts right now? Click here for Stefanie Marsden's thoughts on this and more!

Top 10 Best Things About Endowments and Charitable Gift Annuities

It's not a secret that Endowments and Charitable Gift Annuities as great legacy planning tools. But what's so special about them? If you're wondering, then we have the list for you. Click here for a list of the 10 best things you need to know now about these giving vehicles!

Purpose or Love: What Will Be Your Legacy?

We each define our legacy every day. What will yours be? A legacy of love? A legacy of purpose? In this blog post, Jake Wilson explores the different types of legacies and the importance of impacting generations to come.