Texas Presbyterian Foundation

The Word on The Street: What You Need to Know Now

By Rev. Rick Young, TPF’s President & CEO

A couple of weeks ago, I sat down in an exit row on a plane next to a man wearing noise canceling headphones. When it came time for us to takeoff, the flight attendant came to give the mandatory exit row speech which required a verbal yes from each of us sitting on these rows.  Everyone quickly complied except for the gentleman sitting next to me wearing the headphones. She tapped him, and he took off the headphones, apologized, then replied yes, while replacing the headphones. There are a couple of key lessons in this illustration that apply directly to investing:

  1. It’s important to tune out the noise to acknowledge what is actually happening. We are constantly bombarded with financial news, horror stories, and dire prognostications. It’s time. Leverage those noise canceling headphones to tune out the barrage of random advice and focus on listening to those who look to the underlying actions and principles of the economy and the markets. If you overreact to the sways of the noise, you become vulnerable to the frenzy and could fall prey to making bad decisions.
  2. Be aware of the world around you. We live in a global market, and the small details do make a difference.  With the assistance of our investment advisor, Segal Marco Advisors, and our 27 investment managers, TPF diligently works to keep abreast of the world’s happenings while staying true to our proven investment philosophy.

Remember, returns aren’t everything! TPF also strives to be a partner who provides quality service and relationships. Therefore, we are hosting a free, interactive event with Segal Marco Advisors, to provide you with the key information you need to know now.

Please join us on Thursday, August 9th, at 11:00am CDT/12:00pm ET for “THE WORD ON THE STREET: A Conversation on Investment Philosophy, Performance, & Perspective,” the second in our new series of webinars. After this session you will be able to:

  1. Define key TPF investment processes and philosophies
  2. Describe the highs and lows of TPF fund performance for the past six months including favored asset classes and managers
  3. Review the outlook and anticipated financial environment for the next six months, five years, and seven years

This is your chance to get the real story from the experts themselves. Click HERE to register today!