Texas Presbyterian Foundation

Top 10 Best Things About Endowments and Charitable Gift Annuities

By Kristi Posewitz, TPF’s Director of Marketing

This week, I had the privilege of co-producing a TPF webinar focused on the ins and outs of Endowments and Charitable Gift Annuities (CGAs). While I am comfortable with the basics related to each of these legacy giving tools, I am certainly not an expert when it comes to the important pieces that make each one truly special.

This is why I’m happy to say that I learned an immeasurable amount about each while working on this webinar. In fact, I learned so much that I feel the need to share some of this with you. Hence, the creation of this new Top 10 List. Please take a look below for the top 10 best things I think you need to know now about Endowments and CGAs:

  1. At TPF, it only takes $1,000 to establish an Endowment.
  2. An Endowment is a great tool to preserve your assets, so you can impact lives far into the future.
  3. You can determine when and how your Endowment will impact your favorite charitable organization.
  4. Contingency beneficiaries are a thing. Because situations change for churches and nonprofits over time, you can name contingency beneficiaries in case something happens with your original designated beneficiaries.
  5. An Endowment creates an irrevocable gift. Once you make the gift, you (and others) can add to it, but it can’t be taken back.
  6. At TPF, it only takes $5,000 to establish a CGA.
  7. A CGA provides a guaranteed stream of income for your lifetime.
  8. A CGA is a one-time irrevocable gift. Unlike an Endowment, you cannot add to the gift and neither the income beneficiary nor the charitable beneficiary can be changed.
  9. CGA’s provide numerous tax benefits in both life and death.
  10. You can impact multiple missions with multiple CGAs!

Are you ready to learn more about how you can change lives with your legacy gift? Just CLICK HERE to watch our newest webinar, “TPF’s Legacy Planning Discovery: Learn More About Endowments and Charitable Gift Annuities to Impact Future Generations.” This engaging discussion, led by TPF Relationship Managers Stefanie Marsden and Jake Wilson, will tell you what you need to know about these exciting legacy giving opportunities.