Texas Presbyterian Foundation

TPF Legacy Builder: It’s Time to Build a Legacy Giving Program that Lasts!

By Stefanie Marsden, TPF Relationship Manager

I truly believe this. In my experience, the cornerstone of a successful fundraising strategy for both churches and nonprofits is a well-executed legacy giving program. But you might be asking, what is legacy giving? Well, it’s a type of charitable donation that allows individuals to create their legacy fund as part of their estate-planning efforts to support their favorite church and/or nonprofit. And a legacy giving program works to cultivate these gifts and create legacies that change the lives of others, now and in the future.

Below, I have listed three reasons why it’s time to build a legacy giving program that lasts:

  1. A legacy giving program inspires generosity in church members and donors. By its very nature, this kind of program inspires transformational conversations related to generosity and legacy on a regular basis.
  2. A legacy giving program serves as a vehicle of healing for church members and donors. It’s never easy to plan for a time in the future when we are no longer on this earth. However, planning a legacy that truly makes a difference for the mission of your favorite church or nonprofit can be a comforting and inspirational way to approach this time of life.
  3. A legacy giving program mitigates risk and drives financial sustainability for your church or nonprofit. Many of our generous givers are growing older. What happens when they are gone? A legacy giving program has the power to build a pipeline of gifts that can support your church or nonprofit well into the future.

Now, while creating a successful legacy planned giving program is important to me, I also know that starting one from scratch can be intimidating to say the very least. This is why I am thrilled to announce that next month, TPF will launch our new TPF Legacy Builder website!

Available in just a few short weeks, the new online tool can help you start a legacy program or support you as you reenergize a program already in place. Divided into six easy-to-understand building blocks, this new website will offer invaluable insight, helpful tips, as well as downloads and resources at the bottom of every page. I hope you are as excited as I am for the new TPF Legacy Builder!

In the meantime, please don’t hesitate to visit us at https://www.tpf.org/ for additional resources, or please email me at stefanie.marsden@tpf.org. I look forward to hearing from you!

2023 Update: Please click here the visit the TPF Legacy Builder website.