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TPF Partner Tools FAQ: What You Really Want to Know

TPF Partner Tools FAQ: What You Really Want to Know

By Kristi Posewitz, TPF’s Director of Marketing

As you know, TPF is wholly dedicated to extraordinary customer service as we strive to enable and expand mission with our partners. As part of these efforts, we take every measure to ensure the integrity and security of our partners’ account activities and information through two secure online partner tools.

These tools, the TPF Hub and the TPF Client Reporting Portal work together to safely and seamlessly provide our partners with account information, processes for account management and requests, the latest TPF updates and news, as well as quick and transparent access to TPF Relationship Managers.

Of course, there are some questions sparked by these tools from TPF partners all over the country. Here are the ones we hear most often:

  • Why does TPF have two online tools to support our partners, and what do they do?
    TPF provides our partners with two separate online tools to help them securely and seamlessly manage their investment accounts. The TPF Hub provides account management tools in a safe and secure place where our partners can communicate with our Relationship Managers. It is an integrated partner community with a focus on INTERACTION. The TPF Client Reporting Portal is a separate tool—hosted by our Investment Accounting Software— with a different login that stores your account information, latest investment results, as well as additional TPF updates. This is a READ ONLY portal.
  • What can I do on the TPF Hub?
    All kinds of things. But the most popular piece of the TPF Hub is the Request Forms section. Here, you can make a disbursement request, request a change of signatories, change investment instructions, or even request a meeting with your Relationship Manager.
  • What can I find on the TPF Client Reporting Portal?
    On this tool, you can find Account Holdings, Account Transactions, Quarterly Statements, and Links to Key Resources (such as THE CLOSING BELL, our quarterly newsletter, and Performance Information).
  • Where can I find the links to the tools?
    You can find these links at https://www.tpf.org/login/. CLICK HERE to access our website and links to both the TPF Client Reporting Portal and the TPF Hub.
  • How do I get my login for these tools?
    Simply contact your TPF Relationship Manager to request your login. Your TPF Relationship Manager will also be happy to help you with any questions or issues you have while trying to access these tools.
  • Why does The TPF Hub require multi-factor authentication (MFA)? What is MFA?
    MFA is an electronic authentication method in which you are granted access to a website only after two or more pieces of authentication evidence are confirmed. We added this requirement to fully ensure that your sensitive data and information are protected from any potential threat. Note: The TPF Client Reporting Portal requires a different type of login security with the use of questions and answers the user sets up on initial login.
  • When are Quarterly Statements available?
    TPF strives to make your Quarterly Statements available to you no later than the 15th day of the month following the last day of the Quarter. This only rarely varies based on the availability of final quarterly performance data.
  • Is it possible to get a Full-Year Statement?
    The automated date range on the TPF Client Reporting Portal is quarterly, but if you have different needs, we encourage you to reach out to your TPF Relationship Manager who will be happy to fulfill your request.
    THE CLOSING BELL is our quarterly newsletter that provides quarterly performance information, market insight and analysis and TPF news and updates.

If you are interested in learning more about these tools and partnering with TPF, you can register and view our on-demand webinar, “Managing Your TPF Partnership from the Inside Out.” Hosted by TPF Relationship Managers Stephanie Ray and Alex Panzeri, this conversation truly does tell you everything you need to know about the easiest ways to manage your TPF account. CLICK HERE to register and view this webinar today.