Texas Presbyterian Foundation

Waiting for Sunrise: A Hopeful Look to the Future During These Turbulent Times

By: The Rev. Dr. Rick Young, TPF’s President

In 1650, English historian and theologian Thomas Fuller wrote “it is always darkest right before the dawn.”  Certainly, we have experienced a great number of dawns since that time. History shows us that each generation feels their own gloom of those dark nights followed by the dawns. While the dawns usually don’t come as quickly as we might like, they do come.

Many feel that we are in a period of deep darkness, with inflation soaring, the stock market wobbling, threats of nuclear war, and continued health scares. I have friends who have stopped watching or reading the news because it is often too depressing.  As much as we might like to avoid what’s happening around us, we cannot, as many suffer through these times. But it’s important we don’t let the darkness overtake or blur out the light.

I would suggest that we focus instead on the excellent work and missions of churches and nonprofits who serve our communities. Though many face financial difficulties, they remain poised and eager to help those in need. We have seen many of these organizations receive legacy gifts which enable them to continue serving others during these troubling financial times. It’s true. Well-managed gifts can be a lifeline that creates a stable financial stream.

As I hope you know, TPF has a long history of managing these types of gifts for congregations and nonprofits. We pride ourselves on shepherding organizations through the process of investing and sustaining these types of funds. Do you have questions or need assistance? Our Relationship Managers would be glad to assist your group. CLICK HERE to schedule an appointment today.

Legacy gifts are often unexpected, so we need to be ready to receive them. For an in-depth look at the best ways to manage and receive these gifts, I encourage you to view our latest webinar. This exciting discussion features a panel of experts discussing the incredible impact of legacy gifts, as well as how TPF can help you receive and manage these gifts. Click here to view our Gift Management Bootcamp webinar today!

Many of us can remember previous periods of darkness, and we know that indeed, the dawn does come. We can rely on this history to inspire hope as we optimistically wait for the brighter days of the future.