Texas Presbyterian Foundation

It Only Takes a Spark—Five Simple Keys to Inspiring Generosity

By Kristi Posewitz, TPF’s Director of Marketing

Do you ever wonder how you could better inspire generosity in your donors and church members? Would you like to light a fire of generosity that spreads until it is tightly woven into the fabric of your organization? Well, the good news is that YOU can be the spark that starts it all. But how you might be thinking? What should you do first?

What I recommend might surprise you. While encouraging generosity should always be a focus, our deep experience has taught us invaluable and unexpected lessons. Below I have outlined TPF’s five keys to inspiring generosity: (Hint—They might be different than you think!)

  1. REMEMER WHAT’S IMPORTANT: It’s not all about the fire, and it’s not all about you. Be sure to stay focused on what’s important. It’s not just about the money. You can truly inspire generosity by staying grounded in your dedication to showing and spreading God’s love to change the lives of others.
  2. ALWAYS CAREFULLY PLAN AND PREPARE: You can’t add a spark to just anything and expect to build a successful fire. Likewise, a proven, successful approach to inspiring generosity is one that is meticulously planned and carefully measured.
  3. NOT ALL FUEL IS GOOD FOR THE FIRE: If you’re not careful, you’ll put it out. If you add wet wood, certain vines or painted wood, you run the risk of extinguishing your fire. In the same way—believe it or not—all gifts are NOT good gifts. Yes, some gifts can be inappropriate for your mission.
  4. FEED THE FIRE: A fire needs to be attended and stoked, otherwise it will go out. This applies to generosity as well. The most important thing you can do is tell your generosity story. Nothing resonates more than heartfelt stories of giving.
  5. PASS IT ON: Once you have experienced it, you want to pass it on. Fire can warm you and others, just like generosity warms the heart of the giver. We value generosity, so why not celebrate it? The more you talk about generosity, the deeper it weaves itself into the fabric of your organization.

Remember, you don’t have to do this alone! TPF has tools designed to help. If you would like more tips and strategies, such as actionable recommendations for each of these keys, you can request our guide titled “It Only Takes a Spark: Five Keys to Inspiring Generosity.” It’s completely free! Just click here to order yours today.