Are You Ready to Celebrate?

What’s Your Generosity Message? A Six-Part Series from TPF’s Legacy and Generosity Toolkit


People celebrate for all kinds of reasons. Birthdays, holidays, sports—even a child riding a bike can be a reason to celebrate. What ties all of this together? It’s simple. We celebrate because these are all things we value.

God reminds us throughout the Bible to celebrate all of his wonderful works. And as generosity and stewardship are fundamental to who we are at TPF and to the church as a whole, why NOT celebrate them now?  This type of celebration creates hope and provides church members with the opportunity to not only learn about the generosity of others, but an opportunity to also focus on the value of generosity.

You Can Make it Important

Here we have listed some ways that congregations and non-profit organizations are weaving generosity and stewardship deep into the fabric of who they are. These types of events and efforts are used to ensure that generosity exists every day. Not just on Sundays or once a year.

  • Start the tradition of a Birthday Fund
    Create a birthday fund program that will enable your church members to celebrate their birthday and the church together by donating the amount of their age at the time of their birthday.
  • Designate a day of service
    Whether it’s Giving Tuesday or Service Wednesday, champion a specific day for gifts or service and embrace those who participate.
  • Incorporate Legacy Sunday
    Encourage your congregation to give in honor or memory of a loved one
  • Form a Legacy Society
    Recognize those who have listed the church as a beneficiary of their estate. Be sure to use a name that resonates with the church and evokes feelings.
  • Hold an annual legacy dinner/lunch/reception for those who have given or plan to give to the legacy of the church
    Tell stories of who and what the legacy money has supported, as well as life transforming events.
  • Recognize scholarships
    When giving out scholarships to students, lift up where the money came from and how one can add to the fund to help others.
  • Use a Moment for Mission
    Tell a story of how Endowment/Permanent Funds have made a difference to both the donor and to the church.
  • Implement 500 in 5 years
    Ask each family to commit to giving $100 each year for five years to the legacy fund, above and beyond their annual giving.

God will open the windows of heaven for you and pour down a blessing until there is no more need.