Charitable Remainder Trusts

A legacy that can last for generations

If you are interested in providing for a meaningful stewardship of your assets in the future, consider a TPF Charitable Remainder Trust. Receive ongoing income for the rest of your life, then start your legacy afterwards by potentially including income for your children or designated heirs. These lasting legacies aren’t just available for the very wealthy. Our initial funding requirement of $50,000 is substantially less than that of many commercial institutions.

Benefits include:

  • Income for life, or term of years
  • Capital gains on the sale of your appreciated assets may be bypassed
  • Charitable income tax deduction for the remainder portion of your gift
  • The reduction of some of your capital gains taxes when funded with appreciated assets
  • Choice with only a 50% Presbyterian beneficiary requirement.*
  • The addition of contributions at any time

How it Works

  1. Meet with an attorney to draft a trust.

  2. Donate assets to the trust.

  3. Trust pays donors.

  4. Upon the end of your life, the remaining balance of your gift transfers to named charitable organization(s).