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TPF frequently schedules events for partners to meet, greet and learn about new or ongoing business performances. Check back frequently as events are often being scheduled.

Getting Your House In Order Webinar Series Pt. 1 and Pt. 2

Are your ready to mobilize your mission and ministry? Our new webinar series is designed to help you do just that! Click here to learn more about the first exciting conversation designed to help you establish organizational stability and financial health.


We all know that 2020 has been a year full of constant change. Our financial markets were impacted just like everything else. But, what really happened? What can we expect in the coming months? We talked about exactly this. Click here for more about this informational webinar.

God will open the windows of heaven for you and pour down a blessing until there is no more need.


You're invited to this on demand virtual workshop designed to help you select the best planned giving solution to expand your legacy of love. Are you ready to learn about the most effective ways your legacy can change the lives of others? Then this event is for you! Click here to see it today!

GENERATIONAL GENEROSITY: Making the Greatest Impact for Good

How important is generosity to Millennials? How do Gen-Xers feel about giving? Our experts representing both generations give you the real story about how to make the greatest impact for good! Click here to view this insightful webinar.

THE WORD ON THE STREET: 2019 Overview and Investment Q&A

Have you wondered what made the financial markets so great in 2019? Or what this means for your investments in 2020? Then this webinar is for you! Click here to watch our experts talk about the markets of 2019, and what we can anticipate for 2020.

Overcoming the Empty Offering Plate

Churches today face a variety of challenges when it comes to generosity and stewardship. Click here to learn more about how this webinar will help you cultivate generosity and expand your impact on mission.

INTENTIONAL GRACE: A Simple Plan to Inspire Generosity

It's true! If you missed the live event, you can now register and view the recorded version of our free webinar. Click here to find out how...

THE WORD ON THE STREET: Mid-Year Investment Overview 2019

If you want to know what happened during the first part of 2019, this is the event for you. Click here to lean more about this exciting discussion focused on the changes in the financial markets and what we see happening in the months to come!

THE WORD ON THE STREET: 2018 Overview and Investment Q&A

Don't miss your chance to look back over what happened in 2018 and look forward to what we see happening with the markets in 2019!

THE WORD ON THE STREET: A Mid-Year Investment Overview 2018

You can still register to view our on demand, free webinar. Don't miss out on this opportunity to find out what's really happening with your investments from the experts themselves! Check it out now...