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Strategizing for the Future: Don’t Forget the Trademark of Sustainability…

Endowments are powerful giving vehicles that truly can help you change the lives of others. Click here for more information about the different ways you can establish an Endowment to support your favorite church or nonprofit.

It’s Not Just About Today! Focus on Tomorrow…

There can be no question. We are NOT speculators or prophets. But we do have a proven investment philosophy that can increase your ability to expand your impact on mission. How do we do it? Click here to find out how...

The Word on The Street: What You Need to Know Now

What do you need to know about your investments? We're here to tell you. Click here to see Rick's thoughts on carefully managing information and why it's important you attend our upcoming webinar.

It Only Takes a Spark—Five Simple Keys to Inspiring Generosity

Is generosity important to your church or institution? Have you ever wondered how to further integrate it into the fabric of everything you do? Check out our latest post and see five simple keys to help you inspire generosity within your church members and donors.

It's a Sneak Peek! TPF's Upcoming Webinar

We hope you'll check out this sneak peek of TPF's upcoming free webinar, “Intentional Grace: A Simple Plan to Inspire Generosity.” Jake Wilson gives his thoughts on why this event will be valuable for all of our TPF partners. Take a look and see for yourself!

It’s Possible! Unification Through Diversification

It's true. Together we CAN achieve more. Today, churches and non-profit organizations face many of the same challenges. Check out this blog post by John Furlow to find out how TPF can help you overcome these challenges to have an even greater impact on mission.

Endowments: Is it Possible to Have Too Much of a Good Thing?

Can you ever have too much of a good thing? The answer to this question is tricky, particularly when it involves generosity and endowments. However, there are considerations that can help to clarify your particular situation. Click here for some added clarity to a complex question.

What’s With all This Talk of Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity. What is it? Why is it so important? Click here to read about why it's so important to TPF and find out how we go above and beyond to ensure your data is protected from the ever-changing cyber threats we all face today.

Shape Your Stewardship Efforts with the Latest Trends in Philanthropic Giving

Really, what could be more important than a clear understanding of who is giving, why they are giving, how they are giving, and how much they are giving? This is the information that must shape our strategic planning and stewardship/fundraising programs.

I'm Not THAT Nice

Sometimes, despite our best intentions, we overlook opportunities to not only help those in need, but we miss opportunities to make a personal connection with them. Take a look at our new blog post for a reminder that people change the lives of other people.

Happy Birthday TPF Balanced Fund!

The TPF Balanced Fund just had a birthday, and it's time to celebrate 20 years of allocation diversity, growth, and stewardship! What makes the fund so special? And more importantly, how can this celebrated investment tool help YOU?

Your Vision is Your Guide

How is your vision? Is it blurry? Are you seeing spots? What about the vision of your church or nonprofit? Is it clearly defined and communicated? Or is it unclear and intangible? Maybe somewhere in the middle?

The Increasing Risk of Insider Threats

Insider threats are a plague to companies throughout the world, and unfortunately, churches and non-profits face these same threats. What exactly are insider threats, and how can they affect you?

We Care About You AND Doing the Right Thing

Sustainable. Responsible. These are words that we actively associate with environmental conservation and social programs. But if you don’t already, you should also consider the importance of their application to investments.