Charitable Gift Annuity

The joy of living and giving

TPF’s Charitable Gift Annuity allows you to give a portion of your assets now while you continue to receive a guaranteed income for the rest of your days. At end of life, all remaining assets will then be distributed to your favorite charitable organization or church. You’ll be guaranteed your lifetime income even if the entire principal of the gift has been distributed.

Benefits include:

  • A future legacy gift to charitable organization(s) of your choice*
  • A charitable tax deduction on a portion of the gift
  • A portion of your distribution as tax-free income
  • The reduction of some of your capital gains taxes when funded with appreciated assets

How it Works

  1. Make an irrevocable contribution of personal assets.

  2. TPF pays your fixed income benefits for life (based on ACGA rate tables).

  3. Upon end of life, the remaining balance of your gift transfers to named charitable organization(s).

*Charitable gifts have only a 50% Presbyterian requirement. Some restrictions may apply. Please contact your Ministry Services Administrator for details.