Donor Advised Funds

Your legacy begins today

Let TPF help you establish a charitable gift through a TPF Donor Advised Fund. It’s simple, flexible and timely, and can impact your family for generations.

Benefits include:

  • A flexible, timely way to give to various charitable organizations
  • The opportunity to give anonymously could be an alternative to a private foundation
  • The facilitating of a giving legacy between generations
  • An immediate charitable tax deduction that may act as an offset to a significant taxable income event

How it Works

  1. Make an irrevocable contribution of personal assets.

  2. Receive the maximum tax deduction currently allowed by the IRS.

  3. The gift is invested in TPF funds in an allocation best suited to meet your intentions.

  4. Make at least annual recommendations for gifts to be made from your Donor Advised Fund.

  5. At end of life, successor advisors or your will may recommend gifts from your Donor Advised Fund.