Investment Management for Organizations

Solutions for churches, organizations and agencies

For small or large nonprofit 501(c)(3) organizations, TPF’s investment management solutions are the one trusted resource you need to build endowment resources or develop giving plans for potential donors. By combining the investment assets of hundreds of organizations as well as costs offset by our own endowment fund, TPF’s partners continue to receive the highest quality services at substantially reduced costs.

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Our investment services include:

  • Asset allocation consulting at no charge
  • A wide variety of investment options
  • Access to managed and indexed mutual funds
  • Cash management and cash flow modeling and planning
  • Non-fund asset management (oil, gas and more)
  • Investment performance measurement and evaluation
  • In-person performance reports and updates
  • Secure Web access for self-service reporting
  • Representation by TPF’s Board of Trustees Investment Committee

Investment Options

Investment options for invested mission

With a variety of pooled investment fund options — including real estate, real assets, fixed-income, U.S. and non-U.S. equity funds — TPF uses diversified investments to help you achieve better returns while avoiding unnecessary risk. For more on our investment option capabilities, contact us today.

TPF’s Investment Committee follows a proven process to assure all partners receive excellent management of funds. We strive to empower mission through our superior service and your generous efforts.

For further information on our investment solutions, download the following:

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