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Unlock the Right Doors! 5 Communication Strategies for Growing Your Mission

Churches and nonprofits face a wide variety of challenges which make it difficult to successfully reach key donors and church members as things continue to change now faster than ever. Especially with the world of work changed forever thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, organizations and institutions alike are forced to constantly adjust to a shifting business environment. This, in addition to surging economic concerns and tensions over a litany of divisive issues, makes it difficult to enable and expand your impact on mission.

So, what can we do? Specifically, it’s time to ensure your marketing and communication efforts are targeted enough to not only unlock the right doors, but to connect you with the audiences on the other side. Your mission is important, and it’s time to make sure the right people know it.

The following outlines five communication strategies you can apply today:

  1. Know your audience and where they are. Even if you think you already know your audience, take some time now to revisit and answer the following questions. How old are the donors or church members you want to reach? Are these the same people you were talking to five years ago? How have they changed? Where do they spend their time online? Which of your communication methods are well received? Which are ineffective?
  2. Define your generosity message and stick to it. During this turbulent time of continual change, it can be easy to allow a sense of inconsistency to creep into your messaging. However, now more than ever, you must remain on point with your messaging. Let your messaging and content increase positivity and unification. Your church or nonprofit is one thing everyone can agree on! Interested in additional information about creating your generosity message? CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE.
  3. Stay relevant through continued change. While your messaging must be consistent, change is always welcome in other areas. When creating new communications content, it is critical that you know your audience and what they want to know. As your audience evolves, so must your content.
  4. Embrace digital trends to drive transformation. Always be aware of how other churches and nonprofits are managing their digital content and communication. A solid knowledge of nonprofit technology trends can contribute greatly to your success. For example, do you have a mobile-first strategy for your email communications and your website? If you don’t, you should. This isn’t a new trend, but one that can greatly support your success.
  5. Focus on personalized content and delivery. Once you know who your audience is, where they are, and what they want to see, you can then create personalized, dynamic content that can be delivered to them through the best channels.

Are you interested in learning more about communicating your generosity message to donors and church members? Simply CLICK HERE to visit our TPF Legacy Builder website. This online tool provides a wealth of information dedicated to helping you inspire generosity.