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Strategizing for the Future: Don’t Forget the Trademark of Sustainability…

Stefanie Marsden, Relationship Manager at TPF

You might be asking, what IS the trademark of sustainability when it comes to creating gifts for churches and nonprofits? Well, it’s Endowments, of course. Simply stated, an Endowment Fund is a fund held by a charitable organization in which the donor has imposed a restriction that prohibits some or all of the fund from being depleted. The goals of an Endowment are to continue to grow the principal, and generate income to support mission. And more importantly, change the lives of others!

Why are they important to you?

Another easy question. Endowments are critical to the future success of your church or favorite nonprofit. During these trying economic times, these funds can mean the difference between sustainability and collapse for many congregations and non-profit institutions.

Every gift, no matter what the size, helps them make a difference in the lives of those they serve!

How can TPF help?

For many, establishing an Endowment can be a complicated and overwhelming process. However, TPF has created a tool that outlines three key scenarios describing how people just like you, your church members, and your donors could easily use an Endowment to make a real difference. The following summarizes the situations detailed in our exciting educational tool:

  • Mike and Beth Russell: Mike and Beth are long time members of Westminster Presbyterian Their goal is to establish an Endowment to support their church and beloved mission programs, as well as ensure their gift is properly managed in the event the church has to close its doors.
  • Joann Kim: Joann is a widow who is actively involved in all aspects of her Presbyterian church. As a long-time choir member, she is particularly passionate about their music program. Her goal is to establish an Endowment that supports the music program for the coming years.
  • Jack Wilke: Jack has supported an international Presbyterian boarding school for many years. It is his wish to continue supporting this school for another 10 years after his death.

I have actually seen our partners use this tool to demystify this aspect of the giving process, and I’m so excited to share it with you today. If you would like to request complimentary copies, you can order them at https://www.tpf.org/resources/order/, or you can reach out to me via email at stefanie.marsden@tpf.org.