Texas Presbyterian Foundation

It’s Not Just About Today! Focus on Tomorrow…

By Jake Wilson, Relationship Manager at TPF

We’re not day traders, market timers, speculators, or prophets. We don’t pretend to know what the next hot stock or trendy market sector will be. We are, however, disciplined strategists. If you have ever partnered with TPF, then you likely know this already. If you are new, or considering a move to the TPF neighborhood, you’ll learn quickly. We aren’t the flashiest or coolest house on the block. But really, in the long run, who wants to live there?

Since the bulk of the assets under TPF management consist of institutional funds and endowments with long-term goals and time horizons, we must continually focus on a gradual and consistent pattern of growth. While we obviously do pay attention to the news and follow the major market indices, we take the sensational headlines with a grain of salt. We don’t overreact or make ill-advised knee-jerk reactions. We remain focused on our sound strategy and remove emotionally charged decision-making from the equation.

We are fundamentally focused on the LONG-TERM.

So often I find myself in Session and Finance Committee meetings with our partners trying to remind folks that these church and institutional endowment funds are NOT personal retirement funds. It is critical for committee members to remember that they are making decisions for endowment funds that will be around for decades longer than even they will. Obviously, we don’t want to add an irresponsible amount of risk simply for the sake of chasing returns, but we shouldn’t shy away from a prudent balance of risk-reward.

We are fully aware that at times there may be a need for funds during the short-term (e.g., operational needs, mission-based expenditures, capital improvements, construction projects, etc.), and we can adjust the investment allocation strategy to be a little more appropriate and liquid in these cases. Remember, Murphy’s Law says that there will be a correction and drop in market value just before the roof needs replacing! Contact me (EMAIL JAKE) or another TPF Relationship Manager today to find out how our experienced staff can help you identify a strong asset allocation strategy that will enable your church or non-profit organization to flourish today, tomorrow, and for years to come.