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Looking Forward: A “Little” Ministry is Good Medicine

Great things are happening all around us. Despite undeniable challenges facing our churches at every turn, we have so much to look forward to in the coming year. Click here for The Rev. Dr. Rick Young's thoughts on growing our mission and ministries in 2024.

Waiting for Sunrise: A Hopeful Look to the Future During These Turbulent Times

In this time of stock market volatility and soaring inflation, it is possible to be overwhelmed by a dark sense of dread. But a new dawn is coming! Click here for The Rev. Dr. Rick Young's thoughts on how we can create a sense of hopeful stability even in these uncertain times.

It’s Time to Be the Ocean: Coming Together for Good in 2021

Let's look to a bright future in 2021. Click here for The Rev. Dr. Rick Young's thoughts on the importance of working hand-in-hand to change the lives of others, together.

Don’t Rely on Luck! Here’s What You Can Do Instead…

Nobody knows what the future will bring, but we do know that you can never be too prepared. It takes both preparation and luck to achieve success. Click here for Jake Wilson's thoughts on the importance of proactively managing the financial health of your church or non-profit organization.

Blooms of Hope in a World of Uncertainty: Growing Generosity Today

Our President, The Rev. Dr. Rick Young, has been busy during the past few months. It's no surprise, that he's continued to grow our practice of generosity and stewardship. Click here to not only find out what he's been up to, but also for his recommendations for growing generosity now.

DO WHAT MATTERS, NOW! 5 Ways to Support Proactive Growth in a Reactive Environment

Right now, growing a church or nonprofit can be especially difficult. While slow cautious steps forward might feel comfortable, it's critical that we don't just wait for the world to happen around us. Click here for Rick Young's 5 steps to supporting proactive growth in a reactive environment.

Thoughts on a Hopeful New Normal: Overcoming Isolation, Together

Our recent isolation has been different for everyone, but it has been especially difficult for the more extroverted among us. Click here for Stefanie Marsden's thoughts on what's happening in our current environment and hopeful words of encouragement.

Communicating for Change: 5 Simple Ways to Encourage Generosity Now!

The best way to encourage generosity is to talk about it. It's time to get started! Click here to five easy ways you can encourage generosity TODAY.

The New Rules of Generational Giving

Charitable giving continues to change. What's causing this? Click here to take a look at how the different generations are continually impacting the face of generosity and review the new rules for successfully navigating these changes.

5 Key Generosity Trends for 2020 and Beyond

What changes can you expect due to the continued transformation of the generosity demonstrated by church members and donors? Click here to check out Rick Young's thoughts on and recommendations around the 5 key trends in generosity he sees coming to prominence in 2020.