Ready to Plan Your Legacy? TPF Can Help!

What’s Your Generosity Message? Our Final Installment of A Six-Part Series from TPF’s Legacy and Generosity Toolkit


We Provide Legacy Planning Opportunities

TPF knows that for many of us, the legacy planning process can be confusing. Which is why we have chosen to focus on becoming a useful educational resource for our partners. TPF has developed a collection of carefully planned giving solutions that solely exist to enable and expand mission, and we are ready to help you walk your church members through the process of planning their own lasting legacies.

In addition to our legacy planning opportunities, TPF works with churches to create the infrastructure that supports the growth of their legacy funds, determine the factors in the growth of their funds, and work through the best ways to leverage these gifts. The three primary sources of new funds for Endowments are outright gifts, life-income gifts, and testamentary gifts.

Working with TPF

Below we have listed what we believe are the most important characteristics of our relationships with each of our partners:

  • We share an aligned purpose.
    TPF’s purpose is to expand and enable mission. We strive each day to fulfill this purpose by working closely with our partners to maximize support for each of their service programs and missions.
  • TPF is a low-cost, high-quality provider.
    We underwrite a portion of our operating costs with income from TPF’s own endowment fund. Operating costs charged to our pooled funds average between .05% and .07% annually.
  • We are dedicated to working closely with our partners.
    An experienced administrator is assigned to manage each of our partners’ accounts.
  • TPF values pooled funds monthly.
    TPF constantly strives to provide best in class, low-cost services, and our monthly valuations with quarterly distributions support these efforts. They allow us to effectively manage our operating costs while still continuing to provide valuable investment services.

God will open the windows of heaven for you and pour down a blessing until there is no more need.