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A Light in the Darkness: Presbyterian Mo-Ranch Assembly

What’s so special about Presbyterian Mo-Ranch Assembly, or “Mo-Ranch”? For generations, Mo-Ranch has been the change—a transformational change—for so many guests who have traveled through its gates. As with the first people to come here, they continue to travel to the Texas Hill Country, seeking spiritual nourishment, fellowship, relaxation and renewal in this special place located on the headwaters of the Guadalupe River.

A Long History of Changing Lives

During a weekly chapel service this past fall, staff and guests had the privilege to hear The Rev. Charles Cropper deliver a moving sermon about Mo-Ranch and its agents helping him through a dark period in his life.

“I was contemplating Psalm 23 and I was struck by how much it compared to my time at Mo-Ranch two years ago.” he said. “I journeyed to Mo-Ranch when I was broken, and the place and staff were so caring and so attentive. At Mo, I became changed. At Mo, I became whole again.”

Charles’ story is not an uncommon one. This is just one example of the changes that happen daily through the ministry of Presbyterian Mo-Ranch Assembly.

What’s Happening Now?

Mo-Ranch continually strives to be a ministry of, for, and to the Presbyterian Church through its programs, conferences, camps and mission. Children who come to summer camp and conferences are changed: mobile phones are put away, self-confidence is built, friendships are made, and the Gospel is heard.

New programs have recently been added that speak to issues in the Church and shape the Church’s response to issues in this changing world. That’s not all they’re adding! Mo-Ranch plans to further expand its program offerings to include a weekend-long retreat for divorced mothers and their children in October 2018 and divorced fathers and their children in October 2019.

Mo-Ranch and TPF: Changing the World Together

The Mo-Ranch evolution continues in this changing world. In 2016, they collaborated with the Texas Presbyterian Foundation staff to create a program that would sustain the mission of Mo-Ranch for generations to come; The Circle M Club was formed! This club honors those who have made the decision to “leave their mark” on Mo-Ranch through a designated planned gift.

As part of their efforts to support their campers and missions, Mo-Ranch redefined themselves this year. And while its mission stays the same, its visual presence better communicates the purpose of Mo-Ranch, which is to build relationships and increase its impact on the lives of others. The new logo, launched in March of 2016, was designed to include the artistic elements of the Circle M Club logo which was derived from a Kerr County registered cattle brand mark of Mo-Ranch’s original owner, Dan Moran. The new Mo-Ranch logo now embraces the history of the ranch and celebrates the “Mo” nickname that is frequently used by its guests as a term of endearment.

Mo-Ranch and TPF have partnered together since 1952 to help foster growth in God through Jesus Christ through the unique living, learning, and Christian environment of Mo-Ranch. Throughout the past few years, we have both continued to transform ourselves to better meet the needs of each person and organization we serve in the face of the constantly changing Church and social landscape. Moving through 2017, TPF and Mo-Ranch continue to work together to expand the light in the darkness for those in need.