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Legacy giving is more important to your church and nonprofit than ever before. This informative webinar explores the whys and hows of legacy giving along with actionable strategies you can use to inspire year-end generosity. Click here to learn more...

The resilient U.S. economy is positively affecting our financial markets, but what does this mean for your investments? What is happening out there? Click here to register for and watch this webinar!

Are you ready to change your world? This webinar explores how Donor Advised Funds and Endowments can help you create your legacy of love. Click here to register and watch this exciting event!

Are you ready to increase your impact on mission? This webinar is an interactive conversation designed to walk you through all the ways TPF can help you use our available tools to better manage your investment account. Click here to view it and learn more!

We all know it has been a tough year for our financial markets, but how has this impacted your investments? What does this turbulence mean for 2023? This webinar answers these questions and more. Click here for more information today!

This webinar is an exciting discussion designed to review the positive impact of legacy giving and outline the ways TPF can partner with your church or nonprofit to help you support your mission. Click here to register and learn more...

The one thing we all know for sure is that out current financial markets are wildly unpredictable. But what is really happening right now? This webinar covers what is happening with our markets now, and what we can expect in the coming months. Click here to learn more.

This webinar not only discusses the new challenges churches and nonprofits face today, but it provides actionable solutions you can use to maintain the health of your church or nonprofit and change the lives of others. Click here to register and learn more today!

You can now watch our latest investment-focused webinar anytime. Simply click here to learn more about market highlights for 2021, our asset allocation process, and what we can expect from the markets of 2022.

Our Operations team works tirelessly to serve you every day. But have you ever wondered how this works? In this webinar, John Furlow and Beth Wilt will discuss the many ways TPF is here to serve you as they reveal strategic the innerworkings of TPF. Click here to learn more...